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23 February 2022

Meet the team: Heather Bailes

  • What were you doing before working with W+S? 

I spent 10 Years working in the Events & Entertainment space doing Security Operations and Client Management. This also incorporated training & developing existing staff, as well as recruitment, training, and development of new staff.

  • What does a day in your work life look like so far? 

In a nutshell, it’s a bit of everything. First up I review emails and prepare for our daily “Stand Up” meeting. Given we are mostly working remotely, this online meeting is a great catch up with the team. We discuss what we are currently doing, We celebrate our wins and support each other with their workloads. Work+ Stay is very much “One Team”, and we all jump in and help each other wherever we can. That’s one of the things I love most about working here.

After that I start screening & interviewing new applicants for roles across Australia & submit candidates to clients for review. I schedule interviews with them and prepare all the relevant documentation. Given some of our roles are located on the West Coast, my afternoon is usually focussed on recruiting there, due to the time difference.

  • What drives you in your professional and/or private life?

I have always been very passionate about my work, for as long as I can remember. Even more so with Work + Stay. We don’t only work with candidates; we work with vulnerable communities from around the world. I love finishing the day knowing that I have made a genuine impact on someone’s life.

In my private life it’s my family. I am blessed to have two amazing daughters (absolutely my best life achievement by far). Seeing the strong and driven women they have grown into makes me very proud.

  • What is the best or most rewarding part of your job? 

By far, the highlight is securing a great role for someone and seeing them relocate to a new regional area where they can achieve things that they never could achieve in Sydney. 

  • How would you describe yourself?

Definitely passionate and hardworking. I would have to say stubborn as well. I certainly don’t like to give up on something. Some may also say I am a little crazy. I do love to laugh, although I’m usually laughing at something stupid that I have done. 

  • What is an interesting fact about you?

Well, I don’t know if it is “Interesting” …or just plain odd! I can sneeze without making any sound, just blink my eyes. Also, I have green eyes with black spots in them. People don’t believe they are my real eyes and think I am wearing contacts. I also have a massive phobia of Snakes, Spiders & feet (both mine and other peoples).