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09 April 2021

“Tree Change? Come on you’ve thought about it.” By Tony Horrocks

Locked in traffic, locked into spiraling housing costs, even locked in your home due to Covid, who wouldn’t look towards the hills and dream of a better lifestyle?

  • Current statistics say 1 in 5 workers in metropolitan areas would consider a move to a Regional Setting.
  • Regional Employers are struggling to find talent.
  • The more we visit and speak with businesses in the regions, the more we see that the number of vacancies outnumber the available candidate pool in their area.

It’s a no brainer, right?

Why not?

Fresh air.

Cheaper housing.

Let’s do it.

Sounds easy but guess what?

It is generally agreed the top 5 stressors are

  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce
  • Moving Home
  • Major Illness
  • Loss/Change of Job

That’s right you are so stressed you want out of the city, but to do it you have to take on number 3 and 5 on this list at once and if you don’t do it properly number 2 could be on the cards.

Add to this, all we see on the nightly news are bush fires, floods, drought, mouse plagues etc etc etc.

It’s a hard sell to the rest of the family who are now invested stakeholders in the decision you are about to make.

At this stage many, understandably, ditch the idea and decide to move on to another challenge in their busy life. Some however still solider on and try to look for job ads. If you haven’t visited many regions, where do you look? Which region will suit me? Where do I see the jobs?

If you are still working through the maze you may decide to look at a region you may have holidayed in, the kids loved it, we had a great time so why not? If however, you don’t see the exact role you give up not realising there are dozens of beautiful regional centres with the same offerings as the one you know.

At Work+Stay we can see this is too hard, particularly for families who have numerous stakeholders to consider. We are creating a model to streamline the process. A process which will broadcast regional opportunities to those who are considering a change and supply them with access to information about not just the job and the employer but the community and how it may fit or even enhance the family’s lifestyle.

As with most jobseekers you will keep informed through the process, we will also supply you with all the extra information your entire family needs to make an informed group decision.

We will ensure you are informed about schools, churches, healthcare, sporting, special interest and general community groups. We will ensure you have access to assistance post placement so you can enjoy the process with the confidence you are not on your own.

Challenges reduce when shared and communities grow by engaging with likeminded people.

[*Tony Horrocks is the Business Development Lead at Work+Stay, an initiative of Settlement Services International [SSI]. Work+Stay is a social enterprise wholly focused on making it easy for regional employers to attract and secure the workforce they need and supporting those newcomers to stay for the long term.] 

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Tony Horrocks