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Specialists in Community Connections

It is well documented that the key to good relocation outcomes depends greatly on the degree of welcome of the host community.

Work+Stay Settling In Support takes into consideration the needs of the whole community and understands that successful thriving communities are developed with a whole community approach that acknowledges its indigenous history and community strengths.

For those relocating:

  • Our Work+Stay Settling In Program provides Individualised support beyond the move.
  • Right fit matching for your employment, aspirations, interests and lifestyle.
  • Connections into local services including, Schools, Childcare, Disability, Health and Recreation.
  • Orientation guides, understand the past, present and emerging, nature of your new town.
  • Opportunities to connect with others via fun local events and activities.

For host communities we offer:

  • Step-by-step Welcome Readiness Process that builds on your communities’ strengths.
  • Tailored services to fill crucial gaps in support available for newcomers in your town.
  • Volunteer opportunities and Community Mentor Programs.
  • Welcome events and activities coordination.
  • Visibility and awareness of local businesses and community groups to newcomers.

For Regional Employers:

  • Workplace consultations.
  • Diversity and Inclusion training.
  • Workplace mentor training and supervision.
  • Real world planning assistance for a migrant workforce, based on lived experience.

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