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Working in regional Australia does not mean working in isolation

Explore our recruitment opportunities and our Work+Stay Settling-In Support.

Our Work+Stay Settling In Support offers:


Free, customised support, beyond the move, for everyone we place in a regional job. If you are relocating with a Family, we consider the needs of the whole Family.


We support you to make the connections you need into services, amenities, schools, health care + childcare.


Connections into civic, social, recreational, sporting + community groups and clubs so you can begin to feel at home.


We make sure there are people on-the-ground in your new community you can rely on to provide information + support in those early days of your regional move.

Our recruiters are 100% focused on regional placements

Not sure if there are jobs fitting your skillset in regional areas? 

In fact, workers are required across regional communities in every job type, sector and discipline.

Joining our talent pool + submitting your resume allows us to understand your skill profile, preferences + capabilities. Our recruitment team then go to the market, working with regional employers, finding the jobs in communities that are the right fit for you. We have new roles + opportunities arising all the time, from entry level roles up to executive recruitment. 

We want jobseekers to realise the benefits of life beyond the cities and make their move for the long term. Our recruiters are flexible and go the extra mile to ensure the candidate, the employer, the role and the location are all in alignment, so you are set up for a great relocation experience and a positive life move. 

We understand that everyone is different if you would like to know more you can contact us

  • Clarify the type of work you are looking for
  • Any area preferences
  • Let us know if you would be moving alone or with a family
  • Any special considerations we need to understand
  • Ensure that your information is clear on our system when we are job matching