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28 June 2021

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Why wouldn’t you move Regional? (plus, how to do it)! By Heather Bailes

By Heather Bailes | Recruitment Specialist Work+Stay.

It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve just finished another long week at work.

The trains are delayed, and you are desperately trying to get home to take the kids to football training. You have a long list of things you need to do over the weekend, and you haven’t even thought of what to feed the family once you finally get home tonight.

At some point over the weekend, between sporting commitments, household chores, grocery shopping and trying to get a minute to unwind from the week, you need to sit down and work out what bills need to be paid for this week and how you are going to make the little remaining money last till the next payday.

This is what life has become. Traffic jams, running late, road rage and financial stress. All of this takes a toll on you and your relationships with partners, family & friends.

With the cost of living in major cities continually rising, how long can you continue to “just make ends meet”?

Thousands of people are making the decision to get out of the city and relocate their families to regional areas. Open spaces, affordable living, welcoming communities and plenty of jobs are on offer.

So, all of this covers off why you might be considering moving out of the bustling city. But what now?

Let’s look at how.

Once you decide to make the move, the next big question is “how”?.

Is there a particular area you’ve visited and could see yourself at? Are there areas where your chosen field is booming? All of this comes into the equation now.

There are some great resources that can help you in narrowing down what areas you are interested in.

Have a look at can provide you with some great information on regional areas. 

Work+Stay are specialists in regional job placement. We offer individualised Settling in Support to ensure you make the vital connections you need to settle for the long-term, so you can make the right call for yourself and your family.

As daunting as it may seem, Work+Stay can assist with relocating, job placement, community services, schools, day-care providers, sporting teams and a host of other things to help you make a smooth transition into your new life in the regions.

And the when? Well, that’s completely up to you & your family! 

See, once you know how much help is available, the how & when really aren’t that hard. And as for the why…..well, you already know the answer to that.

[*Heather Bailes is the recruitment specialist at Work+Stay, an initiative of Settlement Services International [SSI]. Work+Stay is a social enterprise wholly focused on making it easy for regional employers to attract and secure the workforce they need and supporting those newcomers to stay for the long term.] 

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